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Our Dogs

Bella Golden Retriever

Belle is the sweetest girl from a prominent judge in Hungary. Like Anna, she is a product of champions!!!! My retired dog Bella came from the same Hungarian breeder and I had to have a replica of Bella. Belle is that replica as she absolutely loves everyone and is so very gentle with children. Her temperament is very gentle and calm. She adores face kisses, deep bear hugs, and always wants to be your closest companion. 


Like Bella, anyone knows when Belle is happy because she makes the funniest long "roooooooooo" sounds. When I rooooooo back at her, we continue to have a happyyyyy roooooooo conversation. She is adorable. She is so very obedient and wants nothing less than to make you happy and pleased with her. She is such a gentle and old soul. You feel like you are sitting next to one of your longest and best friends when Belle is near you. She is a true sweetheart because she is so docile, intelligent and loyal. Everyone LOVES Belle. Her breeder specializes in service dogs providing amazing emotional support. Belle's temperament is perfect to provide emotional support. You feel peaceful and calm just being in her presence. Belle makes people turn their heads with her thick and gorgeous white coat, boxy head and beautiful face. Belle is approximately 78 pounds of beauty. She is a true gift from God.

Belle's Lineage

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