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Our Dogs

Olaf is the most loving and cuddly male that you will ever meet. He also was imported from a prominent dog judge in Serbia. Olaf stole my heart the second I held him in my arms. Words are not even enough to portray his amazing soul! He loves love!!! You have never met a happier dog in your life. He literally stands on his hind legs and wraps his arms around my waist hugging me so deeply. He is a magnificent male who is very heavy boned with a big blocky head and silky, thick, long white coat. He has a thick mane of a lion, but the most loving and gentle soul of an angel. 

Olaf Golden Retriever


When you adopt one of Olaf's puppies, your heart will melt as mine did! He loves kisses all over his face and is so happy to see you that his entire body wiggles and dances. There is no greater male to be around children and other animals including cats than Olaf. He just loves everyone and all of God's creatures. Plan extra time if you are around anyone with one of Olaf's pups because people notice his stunning boy. He is so deeply gorgeous that it takes your breath away. He loves to play with Anna and Belle all day long until he is so tuckered out that he comes looking for me to lay right on my feet or next to me. Bless him, but he will wake up out of a sound sleep if I move because he can't part with me for a moment. He is a true lover with an amazing strong and powerful stature. He is such a handsome boy who only wants to love you and make you happy. Such a smart boy too! Show him a command just once and it is as if he had been doing it his entire life. His trainer is amazed by him as I am! He loves hopping in the car and going to the dog park or pickleball courts. He is so patient with his Momma and waits quietly and patiently for me to play pickleball with friends. He is such a pleasure. It is impossible to not fall in love with Olaf.

Olaf's Lineage

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