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Our Dogs

Anna is a stunning girl who was imported from a prominent dog judge in Serbia. Her family history has so many accolades and awards. She is so fun to be around because she is so energetic and agile. She loves meeting new dog friends and begs for each of them to chase her around the dog park. She is fast!!! When she runs, her seamless gait is a showstopper. She is proud and regal. You just have to stare in amazement. She is so very playful and literally runs around with a huge smile on her face. When Anna is happy, she wags her tail so much that her entire cute butt wiggles back and forth. I call her my happy wiggle butt. 

Anna - Golden Retriever


She wears this happiness as soon as she sees anyone. She is incredibly gentle with children and loves all adults and pets. From the day she arrived from Serbia, she hopped onto my lap and claimed this lap spot each night without fail. If anyone else attempts to claim her spot on my lap, she gently and superbly nodges them off. Anna is so incredibly brilliant and learns a new command on the first demonstration. She LOVES school which is our practice with her personal trainer. It is amazing to watch how quickly she learns and how satisfied she is to make us happy. Anna exudes feminine beauty with a striking white coat, blocky head, and sleek athletic body at 75 pounds. You would love her instantly upon meeting her. 

Anna's Lineage

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