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Our Dogs


Our beautiful cream colored golden retrievers come from a multi-champion bloodline and are from only the finest European Breeders who are prominent dog judges traveling throughout Europe. See our dogs' pedigree information demonstrating the CHAMPION bloodline of our beautiful dogs.


Our dogs were all imported from Serbia and Hungary and are registered with the American Kennel Club. We are honored to share our puppies as they were bred from the most premium International European Champions. The prior breeders and Beech Mountain English Goldens share a passion for dogs and focus on providing the very best bred English Golden Retrievers who are healthy, intelligent and stunning. 



Anna is a stunning girl who was imported from a prominent dog judge in Serbia. Her family history has so many accolades and awards. She is so fun to be around because she is so energetic and agile. She loves meeting new dog friends and begs for each of them to chase her around the dog park. She is fast!!! When she runs, her seamless gait is a showstopper. She is proud and regal. You just have to stare in amazement. She is so very playful and literally runs around with a huge smile on her face. When Anna is happy, she wags her tail so much that her entire cute butt wiggles back and forth. I call her my happy wiggle butt. She wears this happiness as soon as she sees anyone. She is incredibly gentle with children and loves all adults and pets. From the day she arrived from Serbia, she hopped onto my lap and claimed this lap spot each night without fail. If anyone else attempts to claim her spot on my lap, she gently and superbly nodges them off. Anna is so incredibly brilliant and learns a new command on the first demonstration. She LOVES school which is our practice with her personal trainer. It is amazing to watch how quickly she learns and how satisfied she is to make us happy. Anna exudes feminine beauty with a striking white coat, blocky head, and sleek athletic body at 75 pounds. You would love her instantly upon meeting her. 


Belle is the sweetest girl from a prominent judge in Hungary. Like Anna, she is a product of champions!!!! My retired dog Bella came from the same Hungarian breeder and I had to have a replica of Bella. Belle is that replica as she absolutely loves everyone and is so very gentle with children. Her temperament is very gentle and calm. She adores face kisses, deep bear hugs, and always wants to be your closest companion. Like Bella, anyone knows when Belle is happy because she makes the funniest long "roooooooooo" sounds. When I rooooooo back at her, we continue to have a happyyyyy roooooooo conversation. She is adorable. She is so very obedient and wants nothing less than to make you happy and pleased with her. She is such a gentle and old soul. You feel like you are sitting next to one of your longest and best friends when Belle is near you. She is a true sweetheart because she is so docile, intelligent and loyal. Everyone LOVES Belle. Her breeder specializes in service dogs providing amazing emotional support. Belle's temperament is perfect to provide emotional support. You feel peaceful and calm just being in her presence. Belle makes people turn their heads with her thick and gorgeous white coat, boxy head and beautiful face. Belle is approximately 78 pounds of beauty. She is a true gift from God.


Olaf is the most loving and cuddly male that you will ever meet. He also was imported from a prominent dog judge in Serbia. Olaf stole my heart the second I held him in my arms. Words are not even enough to portray his amazing soul! He loves love!!! You have never met a happier dog in your life. He literally stands on his hind legs and wraps his arms around my waist hugging me so deeply. He is a magnificent male who is very heavy boned with a big blocky head and silky, thick, long white coat. He has a thick mane of a lion, but the most loving and gentle soul of an angel. When you adopt one of Olaf's puppies, your heart will melt as mine did! He loves kisses all over his face and is so happy to see you that his entire body wiggles and dances. There is no greater male to be around children and other animals including cats than Olaf. He just loves everyone and all of God's creatures. Plan extra time if you are around anyone with one of Olaf's pups because people notice his stunning boy. He is so deeply gorgeous that it takes your breath away. He loves to play with Anna and Belle all day long until he is so tuckered out that he comes looking for me to lay right on my feet or next to me. Bless him, but he will wake up out of a sound sleep if I move because he can't part with me for a moment. He is a true lover with an amazing strong and powerful stature. He is such a handsome boy who only wants to love you and make you happy. Such a smart boy too! Show him a command just once and it is as if he had been doing it his entire life. His trainer is amazed by him as I am! He loves hopping in the car and going to the dog park or pickleball courts. He is so patient with his Momma and waits quietly and patiently for me to play pickleball with friends. He is such a pleasure. It is impossible to not fall in love with Olaf.


Elsa is our final dog who will be arriving from the same prominent Serbian breeder as Anna and Olaf. She is expected to arrive with her passport in 2024. 

Retired Dogs from European Champions

Zoe, Tony, Bella

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